Tile for Hyundai GDSI 2.0 and Kia Space Identity Programs

Hyundai and Kia dealerships across the country are in the process of rolling out new brand identities Hyundai's Global Dealership Space Identity 2.0 (GDSI 2.0) and Kia's new space identity launched in 2021. 

At Innovative Surfaces, we have strong relationships with the approved vendors for these brand identities and are experts in simplifying the selection, sourcing, and delivery of tile, wall coverings, and grout needed for your dealership's renovation. 

Reasons to work with Innovative Surfaces

  • You can send us your plans and specs for your renovation or new build, and we will take it from there - determining exactly what you need, working through selecting approved product substitutions, and packaging everything into a competitive quote
  • We have strong relationships with approved tile vendors and can take care of all of the complexity of ordering everything needed for tile / wall-covering installation - and help you get the best price
  • We can coordinate and arrange delivery of all materials to your desired job-site anywhere in the United States

How to get In touch

  • Call us at 708-389-7300 during business hours (8AM-5PM CT Mon-Fri, 9AM-1PM CT Sat)
  • Email us any time at hyundai-gdsi@innovativesurfaces.co or kia-space-identity@innovativesurfaces.co